Glad to Be Back-to-School Picnic

The beginning of the school year has been an awesome whirlwind of getting to know each other, introductions to the ways of school, and exploring what this new year ahead will hold! School photos are upon us this week and students are hard at work in their classrooms preparing projects to show off to their parents at Back to School Night!

We look forward to welcoming families to campus next Friday during our Back to School Picnic as a time to connect with other families and staff alike, and to enjoy a meal together as we get to know one another better. All will be welcome to check out what the students are working on in their classrooms as they typically have a few items they’ve prepared especially for Back to School Night that they’ll be excited to show off to their loved ones! Please take this opportunity to converse with teachers and administration to get your questions answered and get to know our program more in-depth! Check your emails for further details, and we will see you then!