About Trinity Preschool

Our Core Values

Trinity Preschool is dedicated to the healthy development of children in all facets of their lives; cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. As a Christian school, we believe that this growth is rooted in who God is and who He created each child to be. A child’s spiritual development is essential to the development of their character, their confidence, leadership ability, and affects who children are at their very foundation. It is for this reason that we are intentional about bringing biblical truths to children in a way that they can understand.

We desire to create an environment that is rich in literacy, provides children with opportunities to problem solve, experiment and ignites a passion to learn. We build all of this on a foundation of trust and support for families, creating an environment where children are free to grow, to experience, to take risks and explore relationally, academically and creatively. We model how to do relationships well, healthy communication, give and take, appreciation for the gifts of other, contributing to the community and living life together. We desire for children to grow in independence, critical and creative thinking, be confident in both relationships and environment and walk in Biblical truths. We consider ourselves a community of families, encouraging, challenging and standing with each other as we walk through these preschool years together.

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Our History

Trinity Preschool has a rich history that extends over four decades. In 1970, Trinity Baptist Church began Trinity Baptist Preschool and Child Care Center as a ministry of the church to the Santa Barbara Community. At its largest Trinity enrolled over 125 preschool and kindergarten students per day on our beautiful sprawling campus. In 2007, Santa Barbara Community Church and Trinity Baptist Church merged forming a magnificent fellowship of believers and Trinity Preschool remained a foundational ministry of the church. Trinity Preschool currently serves approximately 60 families from all over Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. In 2014 we launched our own Bible Curriculum that we hope will touch the lives of other children in the same way God has moved here at Trinity Preschool!

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Our Campus

Trinity Preschool is tucked in the foothills of beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. on the sprawling campus of Santa Barbara Community Church. The preschool is located in the Christian Education Building, directly downstairs from the church office. The preschool students fill the first floor of this building with their joyous laughter every day. Our preschool playground is also located on this lower level with students having access to a bike track, play structure, sandbox and garden box. Just up the stairs students also have access to a large grass yard and our outdoor amphitheater. Having a central location for all daily preschool happenings allows for less transition and therefore more time for exciting child-centered activities.

Trinity Preschool students are surrounded by native plant and wildlife, views of the beautiful hills and a massive grass yard. This balance between modern and natural creates a fantastic environment for children to explore the outdoor world around them.

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