Current Families

We are so glad you are here at Trinity, and we are excited to partner with you in the care of your child! There are many preschools in our community, and many more home day care centers. Each is very different from the next and although you have probably already read through our materials, taken a tour, met the teachers, and seen our beautiful campus there is much more that makes us unique. At Trinity Preschool and Santa Barbara Community Church we have a heart for families; for encouraging, supporting and challenging you in the most daunting and rewarding role you will every play: raising children. We choose to model a very relational foundation for navigating these early years with children. Our example for that relational model is found in the relational personhood of the Trinity and grounded in the gospel of grace.

ProCare Parent Portal

ProCare is our database for the ins and outs of preschool. On it you can message the teachers or director, update your child’s information and pay your invoices. 

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Our school runs on family connections. We rely on our staff, students and parents to spread the word when we have openings for students or teachers. Please take a moment to leave us a review and tell us about your experience here at Trinity Preschool.

What to expect from Trinity preschool?

We believe that raising children in community is one of the most beneficial elements to their development. Children learn what they live and isolation is one of the most destructive messages we can write on the tablets of their hearts. We are all in this together. None of us is meant to be an island. The word community is more than just a gray sociological description. It is a God term, designed by the Creator of children to feed their souls and enhance their spirits as they grow. To welcome young children into the center of our lives is to not only enrich them but ourselves as well.

If we are to meet the needs of children we have to pay attention to a wide variety of issues. We are shaping human lives with all their wondrous complexity. If there ever was a job that required a multifaceted, holistic view, this is it. Bringing children into a stable adulthood is not an easy task, formulas do not cover it and there will never be a life changing discovery that reveals all of parenting knowledge and wisdom. What else in life do we attempt that requires multiplied thousands of hours, day and night over two decades?

Fulfilling our mission with children requires intense thought, observation and prayer. Each of those things you will receive here at Trinity Preschool. Your children will enjoy fun filled, structured, busy, challenging days full of joy and laughter and learning. And you can count on the Trinity staff to purposely observe your children, think about how to be most intentional with them, follow through, communicate with you and to pray for you, your children and your families each day. We are so glad that you chose Trinity Preschool and we are thrilled to be a part of this season of your lives.

What part will Trinity play in the development of my family?

Some of your children we may have never met but we have made a commitment to you that we will love them. We are keenly aware that each morning that you drop your preschooler off with us you are leaving us with your most precious gift and we intend to love and care for them with the heart that you do. The Trinity staff believes that each child placed in our care, each family placed in our care is here at this school with us for a reason; it is a divine appointment. We are here to learn from each other, challenge each other, and navigate the stickiness of early childhood together.

Throughout the year we will be hosting a variety of parent meetings, some will be parenting panels, some discussion groups, or other trainings. These meetings are essential to creating the environment that we wish to create for your children. That is an environment where we adults are all on the same page, have communicated well and are focused in our goals. These meetings are also a wonderful time for you to visit with other families in your stage of life, those who may be trudging through similar issues, or may have overcome an issue that you are still experiencing or vice versa. These parenting meetings are  in lieu of other service to the school, they are our version of “work days” and often they will only require 1-2 hour of your time 4 times per year and it is for the encouragement of you! That is a pretty good deal! We would love to see at least one representative from each family at all of these meetings. AND remember that our preschool office door is always open, so join us in room 101 if you need to chat, need some encouragement or just and extra cup of coffee!

Welcome to the family! We are so glad to have you and can’t wait to begin this adventure!