Our Staff

At Trinity Preschool, the entire staff works closely together to build relationships with the children. We are here to guide each child’s unique developmental needs in a group-learning environment. At the same time, we provide engaging program activities that are intended to prepare each child for academic success, build social and emotional intelligence and to support their spiritual development.

Brittney Grimshaw, Director

Brittney’s journey with Trinity Preschool began decades ago as a sweet, strong willed and creative three-year-old student. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with emphasis on Child Development and a Master of Arts degree in Executive Leadership. Brittney returned to work with Trinity Preschool in 2004, has taught toddlers, preschoolers and spent four years teaching Pre-Kindergarten. In 2007 Brittney became the director of Trinity Preschool. Her creativity, focused vision and warm persona have led our school to great heights and we are excited to continue this journey.

“I feel so blessed that God has guided me here and taken me on such an adventure. I am passionate about providing our students with victorious moments of discovery, relished moments of connectedness and in developing their gifts. My heart is in encouraging and challenging families, and in inspiring and pushing my incredible staff to pursue their dreams. Every moment with our students is met with intentionality, giving even the youngest of students an opportunity to grow fearlessly and walk confidently in who they were made to be. What more can we dream for our children, then to walk fearlessly in the adventure of life that God has called them to?” -Ms. Brittney

Layne Deyling, Toddler Center Lead Teacher

The toddler class is one full of busy children just beginning to learn about the world around them, working through how to interact with friends and just moving into following a more structured routine and this requires a very special teacher. We are convinced that Ms.Layne is simply one of the most gifted toddler teachers to exist. Layne’s bright smile, genuine care and joyful spirit overflow from her to her students in a way that creates such safety, trust and enjoyment in her classroom. She’s pretty much a rockstar.

Katie Shara, Toddler Teacher

Katie is beloved by all of our preschool students and staff. Her warm and gentle personality is complimented by a fantastic sense of humor. She has a great desire to teach our students well and puts all of her heart into serving them. Katie graduated from Westmont College in 2014 and we are so thrilled to have her as a part of our Trinity Preschool team.

Stephanie Walburg, Toddler Teacher

Stephanie joined our team in 2015, teaching our youngest group of two-year-old’s with the help of Ms.Emily. Her uncanny ability to beautify everything she touches is evident in the amazing environment she has created for her class. Warm, inviting and in every way beautiful, the space feels like home to anyone who enters. Stephanie’s engaging and expressive manner also lends itself to immaculate storytelling. She is an invaluable asset to this program and we love her!

Cherie Sagraves, Preschool Teacher

Cherie has been teaching with Trinity Preschool for fifteen years, spending the last eight years teaching our three-year-old classroom. Her warm and caring nature is invaluable! She has a wonderful heart for the Lord and teaching children the truths of His Word and the world around them. Her dedication to our students and families is inspiring!

“I have experienced many roles here at Trinity Preschool over the last fourteen years and instructing the preschool age group (3’s& 4’s) brings great joy to me. These little lives thirst for learning and it is an incredible experience to watch them change and grow. I am thankful for what they give back to me, I feel that teaching these preschoolers God’s Word is a blessing and an honor.” -Ms.Cherie

Joy Mase, Preschool Teacher

Joy provides her students with fun, creative learning experiences that excite and engage them. She cares deeply for the individual needs of her students and meets them where they are. Her desire to create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and to build relationships with her students makes her a fantastic teacher.

Paige Larson, Pre-K Teacher

Paige is such a joy to have on our staff. Her passion for teaching and love for her students shines through in every activity she is a part of and fills her students with a joy for learning. Paige is a teacher with a natural gift for classroom management, she is magical and her students adore everything about her. During free time you will find Ms.Paige’s class having frequent dance parties and truly enjoying each other.

Haley Davis, Pre-K Teacher

Haley creates a trusting and comfortable learning environment for her students. She is aware of each of their individual needs and encourages them to have confidence in themselves. She provides her students with exciting and engaging activities, incorporating them into each aspect of the classroom. Haley is a fantastic member of our team at Trinity Preschool and we are so thankful for her!

Tiffany Bickford, Transitional-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Tiffany graduated from Westmont College with a teaching credential in 2013. She has worked in both kindergarten classroom and early development. Tiffany started as a teacher’s aide here at Trinity Preschool before leading our Pre-Kindergarten students and now teaching Transitional Kindergarten. She is kind, compassionate, passionate about teaching, and energetic. We are privileged to have her as a part of our Trinity team!

“Each morning I wake up excited to get to go to work and see the children! Their natural enthusiasm and curiosity about the world around them is both contagious and inspiring. It is my job and privilege to teach the children to channel these qualities into a love for learning that they will carry into their school years and lives beyond. I can see that God has amazing plans for this preschool, and feel so blessed to be a part of Trinity’s amazing and gifted team of teachers.”- Ms. Tiffany

Lauren Neinhuis, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Aide and Office Support

Lauren jumped on board with us in 2015 and it feels like she has always been a part of our Trinity Preschool staff family. She is incredible, so supportive of our Pre-K teaching staff and loved by all of our students. Lauren often thinks of what others around her need before they even know it themselves, what a beautiful gift! She is funny, caring and organized! We are so thankful for her and all of her wonderful gifts she shares with us!

Connie Fung, Art Teacher & Preschool Teacher Aide

Connie’s creative and gentle spirit make her an amazing part of our team. Always ready to come alongside students to support them emotionally and encourage teachers in the classroom, Connie is amazing! She dreams up wonderful art experiences for our students that are process based and turn out beautifully. They learn all about different cultures, tools, artists, art history and art mediums as they explore with her each week.

Vanessa Wieland, Toddler Teacher Aide

Vanessa hit the ground running during summer school 2015 and has simply never slowed down. Her eagerness to see children grow in their self-awareness and engage with the world around them is inspiring. She is always looking for ways to learn more and gain even more skill. Vanessa is so quick on her feet, fills in all the gaps and regularly saves our sanity! On many afternoons the toddler center staff has agreed to award Ms. Vanessa an imaginary MVP trophy.

Emily Dall, Toddler Teacher Aide

Emily is the most recent addition to our staff, joining us in January 2016. When she came along we knew at once that she was one of our own and we had to have her! Her passionate heart for seeing children grow up as whole, healthy, vibrant individuals emanates from her every word and deed. She has fit seamlessly into place as Ms. Stephanie’s right hand and is loving getting to know the toddlers and their world.

Diana Warkentin, Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Diana began teaching at Trinity Preschool in 2004 and has since become a mom to two amazing boys! We are so glad to have her as a part of our team, she brings such positive energy to our students. They love learning new dances, stretches and movement in her classes. Along with teaching a movement and dance class twice per week at the preschool, Diana also choreographs all of our preschool performances throughout the year. Her vibrant sense of humor shines through her choreography that students enjoy and parents delight in watching.

Patty Alegria, Spanish Teacher

Pre-K and T-K afternoon students enjoy spanish class with Ms.Patty each week. During their time together they read bilingual stories, sing Spanish songs and play games that encourage the Spanish language. At the end of each 4 week session parents receive a flyer with the songs and words the classes have been practicing. Patty has over 15 years experience teaching Spanish in Santa Barbara and we are excited to have her come alongside our Pre-K teachers to enhance language learning here at Trinity Preschool.