The Trinity Preschool Pre-Kindergarten classroom is for children ages four through five years old. Our desire is to create a structured learning environment that is stimulating and engaging for our students who will be heading off to kindergarten. Each morning students begin with morning group time.

For Pre-K students, this consists of the calendar, looking at the days of the week, months of the year, counting and patterning concepts. This time also includes a daily story, opportunities to share and develop leadership skills, as well as learning about a new concept or theme and the letter of the week. Students engage in a pre-literacy activity called “word of the day” which is an extension of their letter of the week. Pre-reading skills such as exposure to sight words and simple math problems come later in the school year as the students progress.

The classroom environment is rich in literacy and materials that stimulate problem solving skills, and knowledge in math, science and engineering. Themed concepts, based on the children’s interests, are used to stimulate their energy and desire for learning. Our Pre-Kindergarten teachers use this excitement to incorporate learning from all developmental areas ensuring that students receive a well-balanced, structured and stimulating education that readies them for the elementary years and beyond.