Summer 2022

When I Grow Up I Want to be...

As a child do you remember dreaming up your future? This summer we will be exploring just a small window into various career paths through fun stories, art, experiments and games! 

June 13th - 17th ...a Lab Scientist! Students will explore a new branch of science each day: experiencing a variety of projects in chemistry, biology, geology, botany and astronomy.
June 20th - 24th Artist! Each day, students will explore a different artist and medium of art, bringing home a new creative project!
June 27th - July 1st Engineer! Students will build their own kites, boats, cars and more to see what it takes to make things move!
July 11th - 15th Construction Classes will talk about planning and balance as we try to break records for tallest towers ever built on campus!
July 18th -22nd Athlete! Our school will turn into a stadium! Students will learn the basics of movement for sports as well as how to pay attention to what their body needs when exercising.
July 25th -29th ...a Doctor! Each class will dive into caring for our bodies well! From why we brush our teeth and eat a balanced meal to how we care for our hearts and minds.
August 1st - 5th Oceanographer! Students will end summer cooling off studying our oceans. They will learn about drawing and taking photos of their observations. We will have lots of water play and talk about what we can do to keep our oceans clean!

For more information or to register for our Summer Camps please email our director, Arianna Pacheco, at

Summer FAQ

Do I need to register for the whole 6 weeks? No, you are able to register and pick what weeks you need your child enrolled.

What do we need to bring? For summer school you need a backpack with a lunch box, snacks, water bottle, towel, extra sets of clothes (socks and underwear as well as tops and pants), and sunscreen. If you are sending your child full day you will also need a separate bag that holds their blanket, pillow and lovey. All items brought to school should be labelled with the student's name. Please do not bring extra toys to school.

What is different from the school year? Summer school will still have a curriculum that teachers follow that aligns with each week's theme. The difference is the whole school will be doing the same theme at once! 

Will there be Bible time? During summer our Bible time will be spent worshipping and learning a memory verse each week.

How will the students keep cool? Aside from setting up activities under our canopies, students will get to play in water tables and incorporate water play into almost every center on the playground.

Why is there a gap of no school before and after summer? Before and after summer staff takes the time to intentionally set up their classrooms for the coming term. There is also a week after summer where the preschool staff does training to stay up-to-date on current ECE topics and trainings.