TK and Kindergarten

Our TK eligible students, ages four and five, benefit greatly from having a bonus year to blend the merriment of preschool and the structure elementary school will bring. Students prepare for Kindergarten with heightened expectations for social, emotional, and academic readiness and with a more challenging curriculum that is developmentally appropriate. The class participates in a more extensive group time each morning, practices working in teams to problem solve, explores topics like math and handwriting in more depth, and enjoys a literacy rich learning atmosphere. Science and engineering are a greater focus with weekly STEM challenges and exercises. Our curriculum is focussed on the wondrous and explorative nature of books and reading, and later in the school year students perform early-reading exercises with wild enthusiasm. The skills they gain from a year in TK strongly prepare them for the world beyond the walls of Trinity Preschool.

Our Kindergarten program, new as of the 2018-2019 school year, exists as an expression of our school’s core values through project based learning with an emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and high quality literature. Kindergarteners follow a developmentally appropriate schedule apart from our preschool classrooms. Along with being challenged in areas like language arts and math, students also experience project based learning, engaging science experiments and humanities. Students enjoy low student to teacher ratios, a modern and stimulating classroom design, and the social emotional support of a nurturing environment.