Our toddler classroom serves children from 24 months through 3 years old. The toddler years of childhood are marked with rapid developmental change. Our toddler classroom environment is language rich, immersing students in vocabulary building and articulation. Letter recognition and literacy is taught through concrete objects that children can touch, feel and manipulate as they build vocabulary in discussing initial letter sounds as well as daily opportunities for reading. These early years are crucial in developing a healthy self-awareness and beginning awareness of others.

Our low student/teacher ratios allow staff to interact with each student, intentionally growing their ability to interact with adults and with their peers. Students are given ample room to experiment with cause and effect, problem solve, improve memory skills and build curiosity. The ability to maintain attention, focus on and complete tasks also begins at this early age through group learning experiences and extended conversation and play. Lessons in safety and personal care routines are also a focus of this group.

Our toddler classrooms follow a literacy-based curriculum that was developed in house. We desire for our students to develop curiosity, wonder and see the beauty and magic in the world around them; what better way is there to take them to these places then through books! Each book has been thoughtfully hand picked to meet various developmental markers. Student engaged with each book for a minimum of a week, interacting with the stories through a variety of projects and activities. See our list of favorite books here!